Botox injections cost in Delhi

Botox is a renowned treatment for wrinkles. The injection uses botulinum toxin type A that paralyze muscles around wrinkles. This eventually reduces those annoying fine lines from your face. Before getting into the details about the Botox injection cost in Delhi, let’s have a basic idea about it.

Preparing for Botox Treatment 

Botox is a FDA approved cosmetic treatment used for treating moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. In Botox treatment, dermatologists make use of nonsurgical, in-office treatment that needs minimal preparation.

Therefore, before going under the treatment, make sure that you have discussed your medical history, allergies, or medical conditions with your doctor. Do note, Botox procedure is done by a licensed physician or a physician assistant. Do not wear any makeup and cleanse the areas where treatment is going to be applied.

How Does Botox Work?

As soon Botox is given it temporarily blocks nerve signals and muscle contractions. The process boosts the fine appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and between the eyebrows. The application also prevents contraction of facial muscles at a greater extent. However, if parents fear of pain or discomfort, doctors apply a topical anesthetic or ice to numb the treatment area.

A Botox injection includes a thin needle that doctor uses to administer 3-5 injections of botulinum toxin type A around the wrinkle areas. Doctors inject the Botox around the targeted area between the eyebrows. As a standard procedure doctors apply three injections on the side of each eye.

Is there any side effects of Botox

Botox procedure doesn’t necessarily create side effects. However, minor bruising or discomfort may happen to some patients that improve by the time. Other noteworthy side effects of the Botox applications may include swelling or drooping in the eyelid area, tiredness, headache and neck pain. Some patients may also notice allergic reactions, such as rash, itching, or asthma symptoms.

What to do After Botox Treatment:

Once you have done with the Botox procedure, there are certain things you need to follow.  Do not rub, massage, pinch the treated areas. Doing this may cause Botox Cosmetic to spread to other areas unaffected areas of the body. It will have a severe impact on your results.

When procedure is on between the brows, avoid lying down or bend over for some time. In some cases, Botox may slip under the orbital rim that could cause an eyelid droop. The good thing about the procedure is that it allows you to resume normal activities immediately. To Know more about Botox Treatment please browse

Botox injections cost in Delhi:

It’s quite surprising that the Botox injections cost in Delhi is not that expensive as people believe. For a single session of Botox treatment, you have to pay an approximate amount of INR 6000. The amount varies from patient to patient and depends upon the criticality of the disease.

some practitioners charge approx INR 250 per unit of Botox injected. They ensure complete commitment with the quality of the health care and experience.

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