How to find a Right Dermatologist in Delhi?

From diagnosing skin cancer to discovering hormonal acne treatment, your dermatologist in Delhi will can be the right person to help with your skin disease and treatment. This is why it’s important which dermatologist and how to choose. The article lists a few pointers that will ease out your efforts. Here we go.

Type of Medication You Need:

It may be the case that a dermatologist has successfully treated you, however not every dermatologist is right for your skin job. Like any other stream of medicine, dermatology needs specific attention as a patient. Ideally there are three type of services in dermatology:

  • Medical
  • Surgical
  • Cosmetic

While choosing a dermatologist in Delhi you should be more focused to a professional who can understand your needs closely and has good experience in treating skin problems you have.

dermatologits in delhi

Get Referrals:

Ask your family, friends and family doctor a referral list of dermatologists you can consult. Once got the recommendation, spend some time to research the doctors’ credentials and his / her overall experience. Take a list of dermatologists with you and start calling them. Check if they are accepting new appointments. Consult them individually to find if he / she is the right for you.

Research the Credentials:

A certified dermatologist poses all the right training and skills required to treat a patient. Therefore, certifications are the most important factor to look into when consulting a dermatologist. Certifications certify that the dermatologist has the necessary training, skills and experience needed for dermatology practice. You should also cross check if the dermatologist has any history of malpractice claims or disciplinary actions against him/her.

Right Kind of Experience:

When it comes to disease related to skin, hair or nails, experience a dermatologist is something that matters a lot. More the person is well-versed with related procedures or treatments, better your results will be. Ask the person the number of patients he / she treated with your specific condition. If the dermatologist had treated specific conditions in the past, ask how many of the procedures the doctor has performed along with the success rate and complications.

Consider Gender, Sometimes:

It’s not about gender discrimination but about comfort and convenience throughout the procedure. To ensure smooth and faster recovery, it’s important that you feel comfortable with your dermatologist. Personal comfort and openness are important when you disclose the personal information about your disease during the consultation. During training, dermatologists are taught to conduct procedures on men and women differently. Therefore, some professionals are more skilled in caring for women and some are specialized in treating men.

Research Hospital Quality: 

In normal procedures hospital visits are not required. However, if your treatment requires skin surgery, you may have to make visits to doctor’s hospital.  If that’s the case, check through the quality of medication, staff and hygiene at the hospital where the dermatologist is going to treat you. Hospital quality is always of utmost importance. Go for the top-rated hospitals with fewer complications and better survival rates.

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